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This art project outlines a multi-faceted exploration of pedagogy, community, culture, and tradition. Specifically, the project begins with a trip to the Palenque de San Basilio, which is used as a catalyst to construct a series of actions and experiences. Throughout the project, the team focuses on the recovery of a collective memory and the exploration of mud as a key material that is significant to the Palenquera culture. 

The strategy for teaching and understanding these concepts is through a game-based approach, which is used to revive the dying tradition of drawing in clay. The team develops a laboratory where participants can create their own toys using this traditional practice and integrate it with a ceramic process. The journey from gathering the clay to creating the drawings and ultimately baking them is integrated into the learning experience. 

The goal of the project is not only to manifest a plastic work, but to showcase a documentary and installation process that analyzes the work in the community. The team aims to spark a series of questions and further exploration to develop the pilot plan into a more complex and ongoing project. Overall, the project intertwines art, culture, learning, and community.

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